Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo:
Award-winning Zoo, Seattle

Woodland Park Zoo is hailed as one of the finest zoos in the world for its award-winning naturalistic exhibits.

Discover the largest living collection in Washington state. A thousand animals representing 300 animal species thrive in this lush oasis. And, the must-see attraction is just minutes from downtown Seattle!

Cheetahs Debuting May 1, 2014

The fastest land mammals on the planet, cheetahs, are set to make their first appearance at Woodland Park Zoo in May, the first time this cat species has ever been at the zoo. Learn about the endangered cheetah’s unique behavior, special adaptations and important role in wildlife communities. Big cat fans will not want to miss these new, beautiful spots!

Meet a Family of Squealing Otters and Explore a Kids’ Nature Play Area

Experience the tropical forests of Asia at the new Bamboo Forest Reserve. Take a peek into the lives of Asian small-clawed otters, the smallest otter species in the world, as they take care of pups, hunt for fish, groom, and tumble over each other in a marsh or on the beach.

Young explorers will experience the forest through joyful nature play— balancing on logs, flying along a mini-zipline— all safely designed to stimulate development while setting the scene of a conservation field site where boundaries between humans and wildlife collide.

A Wildlife Adventure Around the World

Go nose-to-nose with a jaguar in a tropical rain forest. Observe a family of gorillas foraging for food. Come eye-to-eye with orangutans living atop trees in an open forest canopy. Enjoy a herd of elephants meandering rolling terrain in a Thai village. Safari to Africa for sweeping views of giraffes, hippos and gazelle. Trek to the north for underwater views of grizzly bears and otters. Explore, climb and slide in Zoomazium, an all-season, nature play space where kids can connect with animals, habitats and more through the natural language of childhood—play!

You’ll want to take a nostalgic ride on the zoo’s Historic Carousel (additional cost). And don’t forget to stop and smell the roses in the award-winning Rose Garden featuring more than 290 varieties of roses. The zoo also features an indoor/outdoor restaurant and two ZooStores for one-of-a-kind souvenirs, eco-friendly items, conservation commerce and the ever-popular Zoo Doo.

No Ice, Still Cool

Encounter waddling penguins that aren’t from a land of ice, but from a desert by the sea at the Humboldt penguin exhibit. The award-winning exhibit mimics the arid, rocky coastal peninsula of Punta San Juan, Peru, a natural refuge for Humboldt penguins and other native species.  From Nov. 1-April 1, 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. daily, feed the penguins a handful of tasty fish and experience these endangered birds hand to beak ($5 fee, while fish supplies last). The 17,000-square-foot exhibit features shoreline cliffs, viewable entrances to nesting burrows, rocky pools, crashing waves and a beach.

Real Close Tours

See what goes on behind the scenes at Woodland Park Zoo with a 90-min. guided Real Close tour. Your guide will take you through the public areas of the zoo’s award-winning exhibits before exploring behind-the-scenes operations areas. Tour itineraries change with the seasons. Visit www.zoo.org/tours for details, availability and reservations/tickets.

Real Close tours are offered year round for an additional fee.

Get Animal Smart – Education at the Zoo

A host of zoo classes and programs are offered at the zoo year-round for all ages – infants, toddlers, and grade schoolers, and teens and adults. Discover a range of wildlife topics from animal defenses, baby signing and animals, to birding and creating your own backyard habitat. Also check out Zooper Day Camps offered during school breaks and Zoo Overnight and Evening Adventures. For information, call 206.548.2424 or visit www.zoo.org and click on Education.

Mobile App Application

Search for the free Woodland Park Zoo mobile app for iPhone, iPad or Android in your app store. Use it to track your location on zoo grounds with GPS, discover more about animals and daily zoo activities, and share the highlights of your visit with friends.

Woodland Park Zoo
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Seattle,WA 98103

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