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The Seattle area is unlike any place you’ve ever been. Dynamic and cosmopolitan cities framed by inspirational lakes, pristine ocean bays and rugged mountains. A virtual smorgasbord of possibility, from recreational opportunities in unrivaled natural settings to urban delights in the arts and culture offered in world-class museums, theatres and other venues. An area rich in history, from the Northwest Native American cultures and Alaska Yukon gold rush days, to Seattle’s iconic Space Needle and corporate giants in aviation and technology.

Whether you’re looking for fun, excitement, education or romance, this region offers a unrivaled choice of diverse activities. But how do you decide what to do on your visit?

Start by looking for the Premier Attractions mark. It’s your guarantee of a quality experience. We’ve taken the top Destinations and brought them together here to make selecting a premier attraction that much easier. Choose from a range of indoor and outdoor activities. Explore our unique attractions online, then plan your own itinerary.

About the Puget Sound Attractions Council:

The Puget Sound Attractions Council is a non-profit organization of major tourist attractions and tourist-related businesses formed to coordinate and focus marketing efforts toward visitors and residents of the Puget Sound region. Member attractions pay annual membership dues that are primarily used to fund common marketing efforts.

PSAC members believe that the best way to attract visitors is through a coordinated, cooperative alliance. The PSAC as a organization affords the opportunity to promote a wider selection of exceptional tourist and recreational opportunities in the greater Seattle area than one attraction could do on their own.


Over the next five years, PSAC will create processes that will allow it to lead destination marketing for the Puget Sound area by:

  • Educating visitors on the attractions that are available through PSAC–what makes “Seattle” special.
  • Harnessing the collective power within the PSAC community.
  • Reaching potential visitors and influencers through creative, targeted communications and media campaigns.
  • Delivering information and services that build demand and keep users coming back for more.
  • Growing the leisure visitor segment.

Values Statement:

  • We believe tourism-related activities should have a positive impact on the PSAC community.
  • We believe the Puget Sound region is truly a great place for visitors–and harness the collective power of PSAC to sell one unique value proposition.
  • We provide tools to help visitors navigate the Puget Sound region and get the most from their visit.
  • We embody a sense of community that works hard to win visitors from other potential destinations.


To create visitor experiences which transcend other U.S. destinations, by offering and organizing unique and diverse quality experiences within Seattle and the Puget Sound region.


Puget Sound Attractions Council was formed in 1984 to provide visitors to Seattle with a single, qualified point of reference for the areas premier attractions. Each member attraction is selected through a voting process that is based on the diversity, operations and quality of the attraction. This process ensures that visitors selecting a Premier Attraction are guaranteed a quality experience.

Media Inquiries

Diane Bevins - Puget Sound Attractions Council
1402 Lake Tapps Pkwy SE, Ste F105/PMB133 Auburn WA 98092
206.653.7259 info@seattleattractions.com

Other Inquiries

Diane Bevins - Puget Sound Attractions Council
1402 Lake Tapps Pkwy SE, Ste F105/PMB133 Auburn WA 98092
206.653.7259 info@seattleattractions.com

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