Kenmore Air San Juan Islands Seaplane Ride-A-Long

The views aboard a Kenmore Air San Juan Islands Seaplane Ride-Along are absolutely stunning!

In Puget Sound, a few miles west of Oak Harbor, are two islands that you need special permission to visit — Smith Island and Minor Island. The islands are at the center of a National Wildlife Refuge, which spans 36,300 acres of tidelands and seafloor habitat.

In years past, the quaint snippet of land was home to the Smith Island Lighthouse. Constructed in 1858, it originally stood roughly 200 feet from the island’s western edge. But the bluff began to erode. By the 1950s, the bluff had reached the lighthouse’s front door and it was abandoned. In the spring of 1988, the last part of the broken lighthouse toppled into the sea.

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