Plan Your Trip

Seattle Premier Attractions is your guide to the best things to do in Seattle and the greater Pacific Northwest!

Whether you are looking to hit the iconic attractions, explore the great outdoors or find things the whole family can enjoy, this beautiful region offers unlimited possibilities. Regardless of your reason for traveling here its depth of culture, vivid diversity, and beauty will make the Pacific Northwest an unparalleled destination.

Still trying to decide what to do during your visit? We have outlined some suggestions of our favorite excursions this season to add to your itinerary!

See the Sights

If this is your first time to Seattle then no doubt you have some of our top premier attractions already noted on your list. We suggest the exploring the following to ensure you get the iconic experience you will be telling all your friends about!

The Great Outdoors

The Pacific Northwest is known for majestic mountains, sparkling bodies of water, rugged coastlines and lush forests.  The picturesque locale is a haven for excursions beyond the city of Seattle.  The following options are perfect for a day trip . . . or two!

Fun for the Whole Family

There are so many fun and exciting things for kids of all ages to do in Seattle. The region offers so many great options for families to explore whether you are seeking thrills, prefer to take in a little culture, or want a more hands-on experience.

Uniquely Northwest

There are some things in our region that you truly can’t experience anywhere else in the world. Don’t forget to add some of these one-of-a-kind experiences to your list if you want to truly make your trip memorable.

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