Springtime at Woodland Park Zoo

Spring has sprung in Seattle, and for us, a stroll through Woodland Park Zoo is calling! Spring is a great time to visit the zoo - new babies, perfect weather, and a stunning, blooming landscape await you! We checked in with the Zoo to find out just why you should plan a visit - take a read through our conversation >>

What exhibits/animals seem to come alive more so than others in the Spring?

Many of our guests’ favorites are a lot more active in the spring. Some include Malaysian tigers, grizzly bears, snow leopards, and especially our western lowland gorilla troop!

Are you expecting any Spring babies?

Zuna, a western lowland gorilla baby was born at the end of January and was recently introduced to her exhibit! Kitoko, another western lowland gorilla born last year, recently celebrated his first birthday and has been a favorite among guests.

Speaking of babies, what animal babies are currently on view at Woodland Park Zoo?

Many of last years’ babies are still growing and on display! Sempurna the Malaysian tapir, Chile the pudu, red panda cubs Tián and Zan, Kitoko the gorilla, and more!

The Zoo is a great daytime activity for the kids - with mask-wearing, how are families dealing with kids eating snacks and drinking water? 

The safety of our guests, animals, and staff is a huge priority for the zoo. Guests may remove their face covering only when eating in the designated eating areas on zoo grounds. This includes safely spaced outdoor eating areas at 1899 Grove and Gather + Graze Cafe. Guests may also eat on the North Meadow by socially distancing from other picnicking groups, or may stop to eat or snack at a bench or picnic table if able to maintain social distance. We require that guests refrain from eating or snacking in non-designated areas including the one-way trail and exhibit paths and areas.

Is there a best time a day to visit the Zoo if I have kids under 5 (non-mask wearing kids)?

We offer a free plastic face shield as a reasonable accommodation to any guest unable to wear a cloth face covering during standard zoo hours.


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